S I G M A  7


Project Mercury


Initiated in 1958, completed in 1963, Project Mercury was the United States' first man-in-space program.  The objectives of the program, which made six manned flights from 1961 to 1963, were specific:


To orbit a manned spacecraft around Earth;

To investigate man's ability to function in space;

To Recover both man and spacecraft safely.




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Wally Schirra - Sigma 7 

all photographs measure 8x10 unless otherwise specified



(less than 5 remain)



Wally Schirra hand signs this totally unique panoramic photograph of the Sigma 7 main instrument panel




This is a magnificent and possibly unique view of the main instrument panel of Sigma 7.  This jaw dropping image was created by restoring and splicing a series of vintage Air Force photos.   The photo is razor sharp with detail that permits for easy reading of all switches and gauges. 


Each image comes hand signed on the periscope view by Wally, who also adds the Sigma 7 symbol under his name.   This will not be massed produced but rather offered in very small numbers.  This truly unique panoramic photo would make an awesome addition to any space autograph/memorabilia collection.  


This photo is custom  produced using a conventional silver halide process.  It is printed on Kodak Digital Paper and will last a lifetime or three.  The cost of the equipment that produced this image could pay for a nice house by the beach in Southern California !  This print has a smooth satin finish.   

Image size is 10x30 inches and centered on a piece of photo paper that  measures a full 20x34 inches.  


#Sigma 7 Panorama




(VERY limited number remain)


Shortly before he passed away Wally Schirra custom signed a small number of this photograph containing a sequence of restored still images taken from his Sigma 7 onboard camera while in flight.  This sequence had NEVER been offered before and will NEVER be offered again or seen elsewhere (unless it comes from us) for that matter.  It is the quintessential (MA-8) in flight mission photo and as you can see, Wally has added the Sigma 7 symbol AND mission date.  If you collect Mercury, this should be considered a MUST HAVE and is only available through Farthest Reaches, so don't delay because when they're gone, they're gone.


#Schirra - Mercury 4 Panel




Orbit cover honoring Walter Schirra hand signed by Wally with the Sigma 7 symbol added.  It is postmarked November 16, 1962 in New York, NY.  in conjunction with the National Postage Stamp show.  Signed in blue ballpoint.


#Schirra - Mercury Cvr 2



The vintage color glossy is of Wally at Pad 14.  It is an origional NASA-USAF photo as can be seen on stamped purple info on reverse. Wally hand signs in bold black sharpie and adds his Sigma 7 emblem.  This photo is in close to pristine condition except for a short wrinkle at the very top of the right hand corner that is hard to see and does not detract.  This is a seldom seen Mercury era vintage photo.  Measures 8" x 10" x 8".

#Schirra - Mercury Pad 14
$ 450


The magnificent vintage NASA glossy shows the Sigma 7 approaching splashdown on October 3, 1962.  This almost pristine photograph has been hand signed by Wally who has also added the symbol for Sigma 7.  Only a few surface flaws to it's very glossy finish are noted and do not detract.  Measures 10" x 8" and is signed in bold black sharpie in excellent contrast to the image itself. These vintage NASA photos are difficult and expensive to come by and that it was so beautifully hand signed by Wally makes it even more desirable. 


  #Schirra- Mercury Splashdown


Classic Mercury space suit portrait of Wally Schirra.  Boldly signed in black sharpie. 


#Schirra - Mercury Space Suit (h)



Vintage 8"x10" official NASA litho of Wally Schirra in Mercury space suit.   This litho is hand signed "Wally Schirra" with his Sigma 7 symbol added.  Signed in bold blue sharpie.  Seldom found with mission information and in such pristine condition. 


#Schirra - Mercury Space Suit (v)



Seldom seen image of Wally in training for his MA8 flight.  Both official mission designation as well as the Sigma 7 symbol has been added. 


#Schirra - Mercury Trainer (bw)




The magnificent image of the Mercury 7 Monument is hand signed by Wally Schirra who adds Mercury Astronaut.  Ample room to add John Glenn.  The launch pad can be seen in the background.   


#Schirra - Monument 




Mercury Recovery NASA Litho seldom seen.  Hand signed in black sharpie with the Sigma 7 emblem added.


#Schirra-Mercury Splashdown Panel




Autographed SpaceShots card hand signed in bold black sharpie


#Schirra - Mercury Space Shot Card




MA8 in-flight image of Wally who adds Sigma 7 symbol & mission launch date.


#Schirra - Mercury In-Flight



16"x20" on photo paper hand signed by Wally Schirra. 


#Schirra - Mercury Galaxy




Mercury Spacesuit portrait.  Wally adds mission information Sigma 7 symbol AND launch date and also "Mercury 8".  Only a few available. This has proven to be an exceedingly popular signed photo and Wally considered it one of his favorites.


#Schirra-Mercury 1




Wally hand signs and inscribes, "Two Walters" on a photo of Wally with Walter Cronkite. Only 3 available.  Most unique and very reflective of Wally's sense of humor.


#Schirra-Mercury-Two Walters 




Special: Hand signed by Wally Schirra AND Dee O'Hara


Mercury Nurse Dee O'Hara having a discussion with Wally Schirra. Hand signed by both in blue sharpie


#Schirra-Mercury O'Hara



Wally Schirra arrives to board MA-8 on Launch Day. Hand signed in blue sharpie.


#Schirra-Mercury White Room



MA-8 Loading with Sigma 7 symbol added hand signed in black sharpie 


#Schirra-Mercury Loading



MA-8 Loading with Sigma 7 symbol AND launch date added - Only a few available!!


#Schirra-Mercury Loading +




Wally as Scott Carpenter's backup for Aurora 7, checks out that spacecraft.  An early vintage NASA press release photo.  Wally adds "MA 7 backup".  Very nice.


#Schirra-Mercury Loading (bw)


Wally Schirra hand signed cancelled check.  Some are green, some yellow as shown.  All are hand signed.  Check shown is a representative sample.


#Schirra-Mercury Check



Wally with Gordon Cooper during his MA9 walkout.  Adds "MA9 Escort". This is an early vintage NASA press release photo.


#Schirra Mercury Walkout




Wally being suited up for Mercury training exercises.  This is an early vintage NASA press release photo. 


#Schirra Mercury Suit Up




Classic image of Wally being assisted by Gordo Cooper,  into his Sigma 7 capsule on launch day.  This is an Early vintage NASA press release photo. 


 #Schirra Mercury Loading (c)




Wally with Deke Slayton on launch day for his Mercury flight. This is an early vintage NASA press release photo. 


#Schirra Mercury 997




"Gotcha !!"  (Mercury)



Special: Signed by Wally Schirra AND Dee O'Hara


Mercury Astronaut's Nurse Dee O'Hara is overwhelmed by the site of Wally's 5 gallon urine sample !!.  Dee inscribes, "What a warm feelng!".  Wally also hand signs this classic "Gotcha". 


#Schirra - Mercury Warm Feeling




No explanation needed !  This exemplifies Wally's great sense of humor.


#Schirra - Mercury Monkeys



"I Am Walter Schirra ?!"  Hand signed in blue sharpie


#Schirra-Mercury "I am Walter S."WS26



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