C u r t   N e w p o r t



Curt Newport

Expedition Team Leader

Located & Recovered Liberty Bell 7

Recovery Ship "Ocean Project"

Found: May 1, 1999

Depth: 15,000 feet (deeper than the Titanic)





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photos measure 8x10 unless specified otherwise







Hand signed by Curt in gold paint pen shows Image of LB7 just as it breaks the surface after 38 years. on the ocean floor.  Beautifully hand signed in gold paint pen by the expedition leader himself.  Measures 8"x10".  Awesome image!



#Newport 1







Recovery Expedition Leader, Curt Newport carefully examines LB7 just after it's being lowered onto deck of  the recovery ship, "Ocean Project".  A stunning image with great detail.  Hand signed in black sharpie.  Measures 10"x8".



#Newport 2







Available Exclusively thru Farthest Reaches

Hand sgned by:

 Curt Newport, Guenter Wendt AND Jim Lewis!



Liberty Bell 7 at rest on the ocean floor just as it was found by Curt Newport on 5/1/99 at a depth of 15,000 feet.  This is a full frame uncropped image on an 8" x 10" photo. 



Signatures include:


Guenter Wendt who adds, "Off to space, 7/21/61" and "Padleader"


Jim Lewis, Recovery Pilot who adds, "Claimed by the deep" and "Pilot, Hunt Club 1"


Curt Newport, Recovery Expedition Leader who inscribes, "Found!, 5/1,99".




#Newport 3 Multi





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