A P O L L O    7 - 12   MISC.  M E M O R A B I L I A


The Apollo program was designed to land humans on the Moon and bring them safely back to Earth. Six of the missions (Apollos 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17) achieved this goal. Apollos 7 and 9 were Earth orbiting missions to test the Command and Lunar Modules, and did not return lunar data. Apollos 8 and 10 tested various components while orbiting the Moon, and returned photography of the lunar surface. Apollo 13 did not land on the Moon due to a malfunction, but also returned photographs. The six missions that landed on the Moon returned a wealth of scientific data and almost 400 kilograms of lunar samples. Experiments included soil mechanics, meteoroids, seismic, heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields, and solar wind experiments.



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 Apollo Non Mission Specific : Memorabilia







NASA - Group Achievement Award

To Neil Hutchinson

Lunar Landing Team

Issued at Washington, DC - April 2, 1973

Issued by James Fletcher, Administrator, NASA



Presented to Neil Hutchinson for outstanding contributions to the Apollo Program and his resourcefulness as a part of the Lunar Landing Team. Neil had become a Flight Director by the time he had received this award. Measaures 11" x 14".



#Apollo Mem/NS- Hutchinson Landing Team Award








Apollo Misc Items




Apollo 1: Memorabilia




Apollo 1 Gold Plated Fliteline Medallion



Offered here is an Apollo 1 gold plated Fliteline medallion.  These medallions were only available for purchase thru the Astronaut Office and available only to the astronauts who paid for them out of their own pockets. 


Since Apollo 1 never flew the reverse of this medallion has no mission dates engraved. 


The Apollo 1 Fliteline are a bit larger than the others at 1.25" in diameter. 


This one is particularly significant as it originally came from the personal collection of Astronaut Pete Conrad, Apollo 12, CDR.  It comes complete with it's original box as issued.  It is in outstanding condition.


A letter of authenticity from Nancy Conrad will be included with this item.




#Apollo Mem - Apollo 1 Fliteline





Apollo 7: Memorabilia




This pristine, unused match book was produced for the Apollo 7 crew by the North American Rockwell Corporation.  Being offered here and making this so desirable is that this match book has been authentically hand signed by Wally Schirra, Apollo 7, CDR from whose collection it came.  A wonderful item for the person who enjoys adding the more unique and offbeat items to their collection. A COA will be included.


#Apollo 7 - Schirra Matchbook





This high quality vintage Apollo 7 bar glass honoring the flight of Apollo 7 has been hand signed by Wally Schirra who adds Apollo 7, CDR.  A most unusual hand signed associational item for collectors who like things that are a bit off the breaten track.  .  Very nice!   


#Apollo Mem - Apollo 7 Hand Signed Bar Glass





  Saturn 1 Block 2 "Traveling" Contractors Model


This very vintage Saturn 1 Block 2 contractors model is absolutely pristine.  It comes with it's traveling case as you can see in the image shown.  The plaque on it's base reads George C. Marshall Space Flight Center.  This model measures 25.25" from base to top of excape tower as shown.  There are speakers notes used back in the day, still included in the wooden traveling case.  This model will never need to be upgraded.  In face, it's doubtful that you'll even find one in such pristion condition.  Rare in this state and simply magnificent. 



#Apollo Mem - Saturn 1 Block 2 Contractors Model





An MCC memento from the personal collection of Neil Hutchinson, "Silver Flight"


This cigar tube held a celebration cigar opened in Mission Control for the occasion of the successful splashdown of Apollo 7. It was opened and smoked by Neil Hutchinson with the tube being saved in his personal collection as a memento of that historic day.  Neil is now offering this slice of space/ MCC history for sale through Farthest Reaches LLC.  A most unusual MCC item tied very closely to a major event that paved way to the Moon and beyond. 


#Apollo Mem: Hutchinson Apollo 7 MCC Cigar Tube





Apollo 8: Memorabilia






 Apollo 8 MFA Medallion with Presentation Folder


Offered here is an official NASA MFA Medallion containing metal flown to the moon on that mission.  These medallions were issued thru the NASA Manned Flight Awareness Program and presented to employees and contractors in recignition of their contribution to the success of that mission. 

This particular medallion was presented attached to a folder by the Space Division of North American Rockwell. The black glossy surface is a bit less than perfect from years of storage but the inside as shown in the second scan is mint as is the medallion itself. 


These medallions are generally considered a bit more desirable with their presentation cards when issued that way though the large marjority were distributed as is. 



#Apollo Mem - Apollo 8: MFA with North American Folder






Apollo 8 Medallion

Apollo 11 Medallion

 Each of these medallions contain metal flown from their respective missions.  Apollo 8 carried the first men to the moon & Apollo 11 carried the first men to the lunar surface.  These medallions were issued through NASA's Manned Flight Awareness Program and were typically presented to employees and contractors in recognition of their contribution to the success of those missions.


Apollo 8 MFA Medallion


Apollo 11 MFA Medallion





PURCHASE BOTH TOGETHER for a savings of $25 !


#A8/11 MFA Package




This Apollo 8 Certificate of Participation was issued to aerospace pioneer William Todd by Launch Operations and Kurt Debus of KSC for his role in the success of that first historic flight to the moon.  It measures 8"x10.5" and is in great shape considering it's age. 


#Apollo Mem: Apollo 8 Certificate of Participation






This Apollo 8 MFA Medallion with flown metal from that mission comes from the personal collection of Neil Hutchinson who worked as a GNC in the MOCR at Houston MCC at that time but would later become a Flight Director beginning with Apollo 17. 


I'm not sure why this image has a shadow on the lower third of the scan but it doesn't exist on the actual item which is in ourstanding condition. 


#Apollo Mem: Apollo 8 Hutchinson MFA










Apollo 9:Memorabilia





Apollo 9 Flown American Flag

from the James McDivitt Collection



American flag flown by James McDivitt on the historic flight of Apollo 9.  In beautigul condition appearing to have never been previously displayed.  It measures 6" x 4" and is signed on the display by McDivitt who adds Apollo 9, CDR.  Originally sourced from NovaSpace and comes with their COA which James McDivitt has also hand signed.  A great piece of space history!




#Apollo 9 Mem:  Flown US Flag











Apollo 10: Memorabilia




MSC Internal Note No. 69 - FM - 125, May 13, 1969
Apollo 10 Spacecraft Dispersion Analysis, Volume III
LOI, TEI and APS Burn to Depletion Maneuvers


This 17 page Internal Note comes from Astronaut Gordon Coopers own Apollo X notebook and is indicated accordingly in Coopers own hand as you can see on the cover.  Gordo was the Back-Up CDR for this mission.  This document is also hand signed by Tom Stafford, Apollo 10 CDR.  Beautiful condition!!


Stafford - Apollo 10/3



apollo10samplebadge.jpg (78191 bytes)

Apollo 10 Support & Access Sample Badge


#Apollo Mem -  10 - 2


ap10foil.jpg (39832 bytes)


Apollo 10 Kapton - FLOWN to the Moon


A swatch of flown Kapton (thermal insulating) Foil  taken from the Apollo Command Module Charlie Brown following it's 5/26/69 Pacific Ocean splashdown.  Kapton is safely mounted to a presentation card and certified by Dick Williamson. Kapton measures 35 x 10 mm. 


#Apollo Mem - 10-4


Apollo 10 matchbook.  Matches all present.  Both front and back of matchbook is shown in scan. 


#Apollo Mem 10-6






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Apollo 11: Memorabilia




Apollo 11 Beta Cloth Hand Signed By Eugene F. Kranz


Vintage Apollo 11 beta cloth emblem measuring 9" x 9" overall.  Signed by Eugene F. Kranz who adds, "Capcom, We are Go for landfing!" This item was signed exclusively for Farthest Reaches LLC by Gene who has been working closely with us for over 20 years.  As such it is guaranteed absolutely authentic and comes with a COA from Farthst Reaches LLC.  This is NOT something that is commonly seen available for sale and is the perfect Apollo 11 memento for any serious space memorabilia collection. Pleasae note that this beta cloth is NOT mounted onto a background


#Apollo Mem - 11 Kranz Capcom Beta






"Apollo 11 50th Anniversary"

created by Artist Joan Kranz

conceptionalized by Eugene F. Kranz

signed/limited edition of 25

each co-signed by Eugene F. Kranz

"Go for landing"

raised letters &
hand signed by EFK

MCC Emblem


Artist at work

NASA days

EFK signing

EKF signing

This unique custom-made panel honors the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Program.  Adding considerably to it's appeal is that Artist Joan F. Kranz (JFK) also happens to be the daughter of former Flight Director Eugene F. Kranz (EFK). 


Joan herself also worked for NASA beginning in 1984 as a computer operator supporting the mainframes on the first floor of the Mission Control (MCC) during the Space Shuttle Program.  Additional information about her NASA career can be found on each panel's COA.


A substantial (21.75" x 28.75" piece of cotton bull denim fabric serves as the background for the embroidered patches of Apollo 7, 11 & 17.  The centerpiece here is a large hand painted Mission Control Center emblem with Gene's iconic words emblazoned below in raised black letters, "Eagle you are GO for landing".


Artist Joan Kranz has signed and numbered each of these very limited edition panels (visible on the periphery of the MCC emblem). Lastly to top it off in grand fashion each is boldly hand signed by Gene Kranz who adds, "Flight".


 Each panel is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the Artist which reads in part, "this artwork was created to celebrate the approaching 50th anniversary of the Lunar Landing on July 20, 2019 as well as the beginning, middle and end of the Apollo Program.  The idea of this panel came from a simple drawing on paper by Flight Director Gene Kranz.  The panel represents a culmination of teamwork, leadership and trust required by each Flight Controller when manning a console during the Apollo Program". 


If you're seeking a unique limited edition item that combines art with history, is hand signed by the Flight Director himself and created by his daughter (also of NASA liniage) than this is surely for you.  It will frame beautifully and easily become the centerpiece of your space memorabilia collection. 


#Misc: Joan Kranz- Eagle








Apollo 11 -  Eugene F. Kranz Presentation in Paris,France
from the Flight Director's Personal Archives


This absolutely unique item from the personal space archives of Eugene F. Kranz from a presentation delivered in Paris, France post Apollo 11 associated with the crew's worldwide tour.  I have included Gene's note to me explaining the history behind this one of a kind document. 


With less than 48 hours notice Gene was put on a plane to Paris by NASA for the purpose of a presentation post Apollo 11.  This is his actual briefing along with his handwritten notes used for the presentation and slide show to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development..  The content is beyond facinating and Gene's notes are extensive throughout. 


I can best do this justince by showing some examples of the content itself.  Additional images are avaialble upon request.   There are approximately 40 pages includnig images of the slides used as a part of the presentation.  The pages are in their origional sheet protectors exactly as put together and used by by Gene.  They are held together by  by three large rings. 


This is a totally unique "one of" item that comes directly from the Apollo 11 Flight Director himself and an important and perfectly preserved  piece  of NASA and Mission Control hisotry associated with Apollo 11. 




#Apollo Mem - 11:  Kranz Collecton: OECD







Apollo 11 Final Flight Plan


Houston, NASA Manned Spacecraft Center

July 1, 1969


From the MCC console of
Flight Controller Ed Fendell, INCO



This Final Flight Plan is divided into six sections covering General Summaries and Schedules, Update Forms, Detailed Timeline, Detailed Test Objectives, Consumables and Flight Plan Summary. 


As mankind's first lunar landing mission, the Flight Plan for Apollo 11 was among the most important of all documents prepared by NASA. This substantial document held together by 3 rings contains 294 pages and measures 8" x 10" x 3/4" thick.


As you can see in the scan Ed Fendell hand inscribes on an inside page, "Utilized on my console (INCO) during the flight of Apollo 11 "....."Ed Fendell, INCO"


Contributing to the desirability of this document is that it comes from the MCC console of a Flight Controller assigned to that historic mission. It doesn't get much better than this.


#Apollo 11 Mem:  Fendell Flight Plan






Apollo 11 Medallion with flown metal

"Official NASA" Apollo 11 45th anniversary medallion containing FLOWN medal


 This official NASA medallion contains metal from the Command Module that flew the first men who walked on the moon 1969-2014. It is an immpressive  1.75" in diameter.  Both sides are shown in the accompanying image.


Please note that this is only the 2nd time EVER that NASA has issued an "Official" Apollo 11 Medallion with flown metal.  The first time of course was the MFA Medallion (also available here) which was in fact was produced in much higher numbers making this version even more desirable. 


 Dimension-ally rendered in Antique Bronze Includes a Circular Presentation Case.  This medallion is beautifully produced in antique bronze with a sandblasted finish. 


Produced by premiere medallion maker Winco International (Winco) who certify that the metal included in the Apollo 45th Anniversary Medallions is taken from Apollo Command Modules that flew to the Moon. Various undefined flown metal types and percentages have been used in the production of these medallions.  The edition is limited to 1000 medallions and long sold out by the publisher.  Packaged on a beautiful display card and with unquestionable provenance.


#Apollo Mem - 11 - 45th Anniversary Medallion





Paul Calle - "Thumbs Up" 1/11

"Thumbs Up, Neil" by Paul Calle


 This cover has been hand drawn by well known artist Paul Calle.  This is #1/ 11 making it exceptionally desirable.  It measures 9.5"" x 6.25" is numbered,  hand signed by Paul Calle and in "as new" condition. 


#Apollo Mem - 11 Calle "Thumbs Up"



Apollo 11 Certificate of Recognition to Floyd L. Henry


 This oversized yet beautifully produced full color certificate of recognition is as impressive as they come.  It honors a Floyd L. Henry for his contributions toward the succcess of the first manned lunar landing.  It measures an impressive 16" x 20" but is mounted on a presentation board and matted to a size of 19.5" x 24". 


One can onlly imagine how proud the recepient must have been to have contributed to the success of this most historical acomplishment.  The beauty of the certificate speaks for itself.   It is bright, clean and in overall excellent condition.


#Apollo Mem - 11 F.L Henry Certificate


"The First Lunar Landing - As Told by The Astronauts" - 20th Anniversary
NASA, 1970, 25 pgs


This 9" x 12" vintage NASA booklet is loaded with text and photos.  In excellent condition.


#Apollo Mem - 11 First Lunar Landing Book



6" Buzz Lightyear Disney Action Figure Hand Signed By Buzz Aldrin !!

Offered here is an official Buzz Lightyear Action Figure.  He comes with all of his parts and accessories and is fully functional as designed.  making this exceptionally desirable is that Buzz Aldrin has boldly hand signed this action figure in blue sharpie on his clear helmet.  Buzz Lightyear stands 6" tall and though I'm not an action figure expert, note the manufacturer's stamp indicating that it was produced in 2001 and is awesome condition "as new" condition.  This action figure comes complete with it's original packaging though it has been opened so that Buzz could sign.  Having Buzz Aldrin hand signed this item today would cost a small fortune.  A great conversation piece. 


#Apollo Mem - 11 Buzz LIghtyear - Hand Signed



Apollo 11 Certificate of Achievement Award issued to Eugene Mount on August 1st, 1969 by Thomas Paine, Administrator, NASA



This Certificate and letter were presented to Eugene Mount for his participation in the success of Apollo 11's successful landing on the moon.  The certificate is signed by NASA Administrator Thomas Paine only days after mans first landing.  It is dated August 1st, 1969.  A great associational item.


#Apollo Mem - 11 Certificate of Achievement E. Mount



Invitation to Reception in honor of Apollo 11 Crew on July 15, 1969 at the Holiday Inn, Coco Beach, Florida.  This event was held the evening before the 9:32am launch the next morning.


It is believed that this likely refers to a Manned Flight Awareness reception where the crew showed up for an hour or so before heading to a NASA function. 


This invitation contains the ticket necessary for admittance as well as a caution that the launch schedule could result in a change in the date of this reception.   The original envelope with torn flap but not addressed is also inlcuded with this item.  A wonderful piece of Apollo 11 history.  The rest is in "as new" condition.



#Apollo Mem - 11 Invitation







Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Pin with presentation card
from Boeing Space and Communications Group


This 30th Anniversary Pin is accompanied by a presentation card as presented to Boeing employees.  It is signed by Jim Albaugh, President of Boeing Space and Communications Group.  A very nice package not often seen in it's entirety.  Comes with original envelope.


#Apollo Mem - 11 Boeing 30th Anniversary pin w/ presentation card



Apollo 11 Temporary Mission Decal


Temporary Mission Decal's were access badges that were issued to workers for access to the launch vehicle, Launch Utility Tower, Mobile Service Structure, and pad. As the name "temporary" implies, they had to be signed out for specific need and for a specified period of time.  This one appears to have been unused as it is in pristine condition. 


#Apollo Mem - 11-Temporary Mission Decal

Flight Operations Reunion for the 20th Anniversary of the First Manned Lunar Landing 


This special program is loaded with photos of the people who really made it happen, many with contact information (current at the time) and so much more.  It's 61 pages and a terrific resource for space enthusiasts.  Best of all, this copy is hand signed on its cover by Gene Kranz who adds, "White Flight".  He signs just under one of his well known quotes printed onto the cover, "Tough and Competent".  A great associational item.


#Apollo Mem - 11 20th Anniversary Program


Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Plaque - Hand Signed by Buzz Aldrin !!


This is a faithful replica of the actual Apollo Lunar Landing Plaque mounted on a beautiful wood base suitable for hanging.  It measures 10.5" x 13" an though it contains the facsimile signatures of the crew as did the original plaque left on the lunar surface, this one also has also been HAND SIGNED by Buzz Aldrin as you can see in the attached image.  In perfect mint condition this is an awesome Apollo 11 association item.


#Apollo Mem - 11 Aldrin Signed Lunar Surface Plaque






"Vocies from the Moon"
from the personal collection of Eugene F. Kranz


This vintage 331/3 promotional record was issued by Philco (Ford) as a prime NASA Contractor.  Produced as a giveaway only a matter of months of the actual first landing, it contains the voices associated with that event.  It is narrated by Walter Cronkite himself.

This item was obtained directly from Gene Kranz who has neatly hand signed in silver, "Eugene F. Kranz, Flight".  Comes with a certificate of authenticity from Farthest Reaches LLC.




#Apollo Mem 11 - Voices from Moon




Apollo 11 Group Achievement Award issued to Neil Hutchinson
who was at that time assigned to the Apollo 11 SPAN Team.


Issue Date: July 1969
Issued by: Robert Gilruth, Director, MSC

Measures 8"x 10" and is in pristine condition.



#Apollo Mem - 11 Hutchinson Group Achievement Award



Apollo 11 Kapton material - Flown to the Moon


Affixed to the 8.5" x 11 presentation (paper) certificate is a Kapton fragment (approximately 1/2" square) flown to the Moon as a part of the thermal protection system of the Command Module Columbia.  It is hand certified by Ken Havekotte, Space Coast Cover Service. 


Also included is a LOA from Farthest Reaches Inc. further attesting to the authenticity of this item.  These certificates were originally provided as incentives to individuals purchasing Platinum Passes to the Sims/Hankow KSC Autograph Show in June, 2007.  Remaining supply is very limited.  A beautiful presentation...


#Apollo Mem -  11 Kapton Presentation






Authentic Kapton removed from Command Module Columbia
on certificate hand signed by Apollo 11 LMP, Buzz Aldrin


Affixed to the 8.5" x 11" presentation certificate (paper) is a Kapton fragment (approximately 1/2" square) flown to the Moon as a part of the thermal protection system of the Command Module Columbia.  It is hand certified by Ken Havekotte, Space Coast Cover Service.  Making this item even more desirable is that the certificate is authentically hand signed by Apollo 11 LMP, Buzz Aldrin.


Also included is a LOA from Farthest Reaches Inc. further attesting to the authenticity of this item.  These certificates were originally provided as incentives to individuals purchasing Platinum Passes to the Sims/Hankow KSC Autograph Show in June, 2007.  Remaining supply is very limited.  A beautiful presentation...


#Apollo Mem - 11 Kapton Presentation - Aldrin Signed






Zippo lighter honoring Apollo 11.  Pictured on the lighter is the LM and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin working on the lunar surface.  You can even see the Earth overhead.  Very impressive artwork.  This lighter has never been fired and comes in it's original case with instructions.  It appears to be one of a limited edition through it is not numbered. From what I can ascertain based upon it's markings, was produced by Zippo in 1995.


 #Apollo Mem - 11 Zippo

Commemorative record of the first trip to the moon, narrated by Hugh Downs, produced by MGM Records.  Pristine condition.


Apollo Mem - 11  Record


#Apollo 11 "Super Booster" certificate issued to NASA Administrator Mel Brooks.  Measures 11" x 14" and hand signed by "Chief Super Booster Scott Namner, this colorful and artistic certificate speaks for itself.  Note the "Snoopy" at his MCC Console.  A wonderful and very seldom seen Apollo 11 Mission Control item issued to one of it's greats.

Apollo Mem - 11 Super Booster Certificate




Several vintage pennants are available as shown here.  Given their all being over 35 years old, they are in exceptional condition and clearly were never actually used. The pennant with Armstrong photo measures 19.5" long, the pennant with crew images measures 26.5" and pennant with Lunar Module measures 29".  Any would be great to display with other items or just by themselves.   


#Apollo Mem - 11 Pennant
$24 each



a11lapel.jpg (13900 bytes)

Apollo 11 Lapel Pin (gold)


#Apollo Mem - 11 - Lapel Pin (a)


a11lapelb.jpg (10979 bytes)

Apollo 11 Lapel Pin (gold)


#Apollo Mem 11- Lapel Pin (b)

mfa20thapollo11pin.jpg (8585 bytes)


Manned Flight Awareness (MFA) Lapel Pin issued for the 20th Anniversary of Apollo 11.


#Apollo Mem - 11-Lapel Pin (c)

25thanniversaryrockwell.jpg (31100 bytes)

#Rockwell Pin honoring 25th anniversary of Apollo 11.


#Apollo Mem -11 Rockwell Pin

a11log.jpg (41614 bytes)

  Apollo 11 Log (NASA, 1989 - 15 pgs.)


Produced on the 20th anniversary of the landing detailing the events that unfolded.  


#Apollo Mem - 11 Apollo Log

ap11log.jpg (77678 bytes)


#Apollo 11 Log - (NASA, EP72, 12pgs)


Apollo Mem - 11 Apollo Log (b)

ap1125thbanquet.jpg (75424 bytes)

 Apollo 11 - 25th Reunion Banquet Program


A 34 page  program for the above event to honor Southern California Apollo Contractors on 7/20/94. 

#Apollo Mem - 11 25th Reunion

A Celebration Of The Apollo 11 Silver Anniversary
July 16, 1994 - Beverly Hilton Hotel - Los Angeles, California

At 72 pages, this is much more than your typical program.  Includes articles, interviews, lists of sponsors, attendees and even a color supplement by Final Frontier Magazine honoring the moon landings.  It was an amazing event with a who's who of Hollywood and the Space Program in attendance.   This also comes complete with the admission ticket held by this program's original owner.  In excellent condition.


#Apollo Mem - Silver Anniversary
$35 SOLD



Apollo 11 -  25th Anniversary Commemorative Medal  

#Apollo Mem - 11-20

marshallap11.jpg (22798 bytes) marshallap11b.jpg (23263 bytes)

First Man On The Moon - 1989 Marshall Islands - $5 Coin


#Apollo Mem  11-21




Apollo 8 & 11 Manned Flight Awareness Medallion
"Package" w/ FLOWN to the moon metal


Apollo 8 Medallion

Apollo 11 Medallion

 Each of these medallions contain medal flown from their respective missions.  Apollo 8 carried the first men to the moon and Apollo 11 carried the first men to the lunar surface. These medallions were issued through NASA's Manned Flight Awareness Program and were typically presented to employees and contractors in recognition of their contribution toward the success of those missions.












PURCHASE BOTH TOGETHER for a savings of $25 !


#A8/11 Package





From the personal of Astronaut Ed Gibson

Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Medallion
containing metal FLOWN To The Moon

(Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins)


This medallion was issued through NASA's Manned Flight Awareness Program.  They were intended to be presented to employees and contractors in recognition of their contribution toward Apollo 11's success. It's smelt contained metal actually taken from both the Command Module Columbia & Lunar Module Eagle.  Some number of these were given to the Astronauts and Ed retained a very small number that have remained a part of his personal collection since having received them. 


Comes with a hand signed letter of authenticity from it's owner, Astronaut Ed Gibson


#Apollo 11 Gibson MFA




Apollo 12: Memorabilia


Apollo 12 Mission Reports - Priced below Amazon!!
Only a limited number at this price are available.

Apollo 12: The NASA Mission Reports
(Apogee Books, 1999, 248 pgs., PB)


First Edition w/CD ROM and priced to sell.  This is a new, unread copy.


#Apollo Mem - 12 Mission Reports









Offered here is an Apollo 12 Robbins Medallion minted from an ingot of silver salvaged from the wreck of a 1715 Spanish treasure ship .


This one is particularly significant as it originally came from the personal collection of Astronaut Pete Conrad, Apollo 12, CDR.  The "treasure silver" medallions are amongst the rarest and most sought after medallions ever produced by the Robbins Company. 


This is #10 of 262 and comes in it's plastic box as issued.  Though the numbered sticker affixed to the box is gone and the foam insert degraded with age, this Apollo 12 relic (1.25" diameter) much like the 1715 treasure has remained largly untouched over the years. 


This important artifact with it's own amazing story from man's greatest adventure could be the centerpiece of any serious space collection. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Note: All engraving including launch, landing and return dates are absolutel perfect and legible.  Light reflection made it difficult to capture accurately.



#Apollo Mem - Apollo 12 Robbins #10













  Saban's Power Rangers - Heros of Space includes Red Ranger and an Astronaut Charles Conrad action figure.  The package has never been opened and is hand signed by Charles Conrad in blue sharpie on the back of the package as shown in the scan.  Tough to find autographed I'm sure.



#Apollo Mem - Power Rangers Conrad









Apolllo 12 Commemorative Mug


This seldom seen mug stands almost 5" tall and has a glass bottom.  It's quite nice and would look great on a bookshelf or filled with a tasty drink ! 


#Apollo Mem - A12 Mug




Apollo 12 Launch Parkway Viewing Vehicle Permit #684 issued by John F. Kennedy Space Center.  In great shape. Measured 4.25" x 8".


#Apollo Mem - 12 Parkway Viewing Site Permit




This is the Apollo 12 MCC badge issued to and used by noted NASA Flight Controller Alan Glines.  Due to their limited number and the increasing number of badge collectors, these are becoming increasingly scarce.  This badge is in excellent condition despite having been used on a daily basis by Glines. 


#Apollo Mem - 12 Glines MCC Badge


apollo12keyring.jpg (10630 bytes)



Apollo 12 Key Ring.  Medallion states it was made in Italy.  Reverse has image of Yankee Clipper and mission information. 


#Apollo Mem - 12 Key Ring (a)




Vintage Apollo 12 launch team tie clip.  These were issued to members of the launch team in various forms.  This tie clip comes in it's original plastic box.


#Apollo Mem - 12 Launch Team Tie Clip 


apollo12keychain.jpg (49945 bytes)


Apollo 12 Key Ring


#Apollo Mem - 12 Key Ring (b)



Apollo 12 launch viewing access badge. Reverse Includes
 security information as well as badge number.  In outstanding condition.


#Apollo Mem - 12 Launch Viewing Pass




Sports Car Club of America Honors Pete Conrad



The Sports Car Club of America presented this plaque to Pete Conrad at their Area 3 Annual Convention in Macon, Georgia on January 10, 1970.  It was presented only a few months following his return from space. The plaque was created with a great sense of humor and describes Apollo 12 by likening it to a raod race.  Take a look at the attached image to appreciate the tounge and cheek spirit of this award. As you can see, the plaque has a few scratches, no doubt due to it's being moved around during it's 47 years but this should not detract.  An Apollo 12 related honor presented to one of it's Astronauts makes it a highly desirable choice for anyone's space memorabilia collection. The plaque measures 12" x 15".  



#Apollo 12 Mem - Conrad Sports Car Club




Vetrans of Foreign Wars of the United States

Gold Medal of Merit - Citation

Awarded to Charles Conrad Jr.

January 8, 1970



This citation was origionally accompanied by the Gold Medal of Merit awarded to Charles Conrad Jr.for "....courage, leadership, technical ability and devotion to duty as Commander of the Apollo 12 Space Mission....". 


This beautiful citation measures 11" x 16" and is excellent condition despite a few flaws sustained over the years.  This most prestigious citation was maintained in Conrad's personal archives for many years until being offered for sale thru Farthest Reaches LLC for the purpose of it's sale.  It will be accompanied by a Farthest Reaches COA attesting to it's chain of ownership.



#Apollo 12 Mem - Conrad Merit/Citation






Los Angeles Certificate to Tribute

Flight Path Learning Center

February 22, 2001

Presented by Ruth Galanter, LA City Council



This beautiful citation measures 8" x 10" and was awarded to Pete Conrad in 2001 to recognize his contribution toward furthering educational opportunities for students interested in entering the field of aviation, aerospace or aeronautics.  Pete was involved with this organization for several years and the "Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr. Scholarship Program" was named in his honor.  Beautiful Condition. 


#Apollo 12 Mem - Conrad Flight Path