A P O L L O   7   (Schirra, Cunningham and Eisele)


The Apollo program was designed to land humans on the Moon and bring them safely back to Earth. Six of the missions (Apollos 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17) achieved this goal. Apollos 7 and 9 were Earth orbiting missions to test the Command and Lunar Modules, and did not return lunar data. Apollos 8 and 10 tested various components while orbiting the Moon, and returned photography of the lunar surface. Apollo 13 did not land on the Moon due to a malfunction, but also returned photographs. The six missions that landed on the Moon returned a wealth of scientific data and almost 400 kilograms of lunar samples. Experiments included soil mechanics, meteoroids, seismic, heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields, and solar wind experiments.



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Apollo 7 Crew Signed Photo Apollo 7 crew signed NASA Red Stamped photo from the personal collection of former NASA figure William H. Todd.  Bill's career in the aerospace industry spanned some of America's most pioneering aerospace programs including the P-51 Mustang, X-15, B-70, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle programs. 

He amassed quite a collection over his carreer as a result of his work and this photo was dedicated to him by the Apollo 7 crew.  Shows some discoloration from being framed all these years but still in very good condition and absolutely authentic.  It's a NASA red stamped photo and measures 8x10.  This is getting to be a difficult crew signed photo to find these days.

#Apollo 7 - Crew Signed (D52)


schirracunninghamsuits.jpg (60426 bytes)

Wally Schirra & Walt Cunningham confer with Saturn 1B in background.


#Apollo 7  Multi - 2

apollo7.jpg (68414 bytes)  

Wally Schirra & Walt Cunningham hand signed glossy photo showing scenes from Apollo 7


#Apollo 7 Multi - 3


ap7crew1.jpg (69805 bytes)  

Wally Schirra & Walt Cunningham hand sign photo taken on recovery ship post splashdown.

#Apollo 7 Multi - 4


schirracunninghamwalkout.jpg (62490 bytes)  

Wally Schirra & Walt Cunningham sign photo of walkout.  Very nice image.


#Apollo 7 Multi - 5


cunninghamschirra.jpg (67774 bytes)

Post flight inspection of Apollo 7 Command Module.  Hand signed by Schirra and Cunningham.  Photo is a reprint of the original, provided by Wally from his  personal archives and an image I had never seen before. 


#Apollo 7 Multi - 6



Wally Schirra

All measure 8x10 unless specified otherwise

Wally Schirra hand signs an Apollo 7 launch image on SpaceShots card #0158.  In pristine condition.  Measures 2.5" x 3.5".


#Schirra Space Shot #0158 (black)


Wally Schirra hand signs an Apollo 7 launch image on SpaceShots card #0158.  In pristine condition.  Measures 2.5" x 3.5".


#Schirra Space Shot #0158 (gold)


Wally hand signs the cover of a complete Life Magazine dated 5/19/67. 
Is signed in bold black sharpie. 


#WS Apollo 7 - 93


 Vintage NASA press release photo containing usual NASA information on reverse.  Image shows Woodlark Island in the Solomon Sea (northease of Australia) as seen from Apollo 7.


WS Apollo 7 - 21



Vintage NASA press release photo containing usual NASA information on reverse. 
 Image shows Lake Nasser on the Nile River as seen from Apollo 7


#WS Apollo 7 - 20


Apollo 7 post splashdown crew portrait of crew on recovery deck on NASA press release photo.  Wally adds mission information.  He once told me it's one of his favorite images. 


#WS - Apollo 7 - 87



Amazing image of Apollo 7 Launch with Vehicle Assembly Building in background 

8 x 10 glossy hand signed by Wally who adds mission information and dates

#WS Apollo 7 - 68



Beautiful image of Apollo 7 launch.  Would consider this the nicest launch shot from this mission I've ever seen.


#WS Apollo 7 - 17


Apollo 7 mission image of sunlight streaming through the CM window showing a tired Wally Schirra.  Mission information is also included.


#WS Apollo 7 - 16



Apollo 7 post splashdown shows Wally climbing from Command Module into recovery raft.  This awesome shot also provides a good look at the burnt/frayed Kapton on spacecraft, remaining after reentry.  Wally has hand signed and adds mission information and dates.


#WS Apollo 7 - 67






"Gotcha !!"  (Apollo 7)

Hand signed by Wally Schirra



Wally explains that this scarf was actually gauze from Sick Bay and when he
tossed it out at 40mph., almost hung himself!!  A self imposed Gotcha





"Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming"

(from the Apollo 7 Television Broadcast)







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 Donn Eisele

all measure 8x10 unless specified otherwise


This 1st unmanned Apollo mission recovery ship cover (silver cachet by Beck) is hand signed by Don Eisele.  The cover was cancelled on the U.S.S. Jonas on February 26, 1966.  It's condition is excellent.


#Eisele Apollo 7 - 1


This 3x5" index card is hand signed by Donn Eisele.  The card is signed on the unlined side and is cream colored.  The signature is in blue ballpoint. It's condition is excellent.


#Eisele Apollo 7 - Index





Walt Cunningham

all measure 8x10 unless specified otherwise


The Apollo 7 crew posed for this photo in a lighthearted moment.  They were in fact, only a few feet off the ground.  A very rare image originally obtained to reproduce with permission from Wally Schirra who found it in his personal archives.  This one is hand signed by Walt Cunningham who adds, "YIKES!!!"  Most unique.


#Cunningham - YIKES!


This image of Walt Cunningham suiting up for the flight of Apollo 7 is inscribed accordingly.  It measures 8" x 10" is signed in black sharpie and in pristinne condition. 


#Cunningham - 01

This classic portrait of Walt posing with the Saturn Rocket is an official NASA litho measuring 8x10 (c).  There is a small corner bump to the right upper border that dies not extend into the image.  Walt has beautifully hand signed in bold black sharpie.


.#Cunningham - Classic


The Front Line of Apollo is unlike any image I've seen of an Apollo crew.  This photo truly shows that tere were mments of levity to balance the most serious work at hand, expecially for this crew whose success would put the program back on track after the Apollo 1 fire. Measures 8x10 (c).


#Cunningham - Front Line



"Day 4, First Manned Apollo Flight" is as artsy a portrait as any I've seen coming from the Apollo program.  Boldly signed in gold paint pen, this one is a beauty.  


#Cunningham 02



"Apollo 1 Suit Test"  is hand signed on an 8x10 (c) glossy.  The signature is in bold blue sharpie.


#Cunningham Suit Test


Walt Cunningham hand signs this color 8x10 business suit photo and adds "Group 3..1963".  It is signed in brilliant silver sharpie.  Very nice.




Walt Cunningham hand signs this color 8x10 business suit photo and adds "Apollo 7".  It is signed in bold blue sharpie. Very nice.





"Suit Test"  hand signed in blue sharpie with mission information added.  Measures 8"x10".

#Cunningham 04


"At Work day 9"  Hand signed in blue sharpie.


#Cunningham - 05



Walt hand signs a WSS Portrait on Space Shot card.  Bold black sharpie


#Cunningham - WSS Space Shot Card


Walt Cunningham checks out Apollo 1 capsule.  Hand signed accordingly  Measures 8x10. 


#Cunningham 16



Unique candid image of a dashing Walt Cunningham caught standing outside of
his office, circa Apollo 7.  Beautifully hand signed.


#Cunningham - Office





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